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Community Living BC (CLBC) works in collaboration with youth and their families and other government organizations and ministries to support youth transitioning to adulthood.
Community Living BC

The mission of the Canucks Autism Network is to provide high quality recreational, sports, social and vocational development programs for individuals and families living with autism and to build capacity through community networks across British Columbia.
Canucks Autism Network                    [Leisure & Culture Domain]

PLAN’s vision is simple: they want everyone to have access to a good life. Not surprisingly, a good life for people with disabilities is not very different from a good life for anyone else: friends and family who love them, a place of one’s own, financial security, participating in decision making, and the ability to make a contribution to society.

The Giving in Action Society provides grants to families living in the province of British Columbia through two funds – the Family Independence Fund and the Children and Youth with Special Needs Fund. These grants enable families to stay together by addressing accessibility issues in their homes and communities.
Giving In Action

WestJet’s One Person One Fare (OPOF) program provides additional seating at no charge to guests with a physical or mental disability

Air Canada provides additional seating for passengers who are not self-reliant and are severely physically disabled (paraplegic or quadriplegic) so as to require an attendant to assist in getting in an out of a seat
Air Canada

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) helps Canadians with disabilities and their families save for the future.
Registered Disability Savings Plan

BC Trustee – Committee of Person the person appointed to make decisions related to the adult’s physical
needs—for example, decisions about health care and where the adult will live.
BC Trustee

A Representation Agreement is a legal document for personal planning in British Columbia. It is a way to authorize your personal supporters to help you manage your affairs or make decisions on your behalf if you need assistance due to illness, injury or disability.

Representation Agreements


Communication Assistance for Youth and Adults (CAYA)operates as a project created through Special Education Technology BC (SET-BC). Our clients are adults aged 19 years and older who require an augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) system due to a severe communication disability

Active Living Alliance for Canadians with Disability – BC enables British Columbias with disabilities to lead active healthy lifestyles by promoting inclusion and active living lifestyles. Call                        Leisure DOMAIN

Vela Microboard Association of BC assist families to set up microboards and stay connected to other families. A Vela microboard comes out of the person centered planning philosophy and is therefore created for the sole support of one 604-575-2588                                            Housing DOMAIN

Personalized Support Initiative is designed to support adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder who face significant challenges in daily life, but don’t qualify for services as persons with intellectual disabilities.

Financial and Legal DOMAIN

The Family Support Institute supports and encourages families by providing up to
date information on services, current practices and options that assists families to
make informed choices.           Advocacy and Education DOMAIN

The Family Support Institute supports and encourages families by providing up to
date information on services, current practices and options that assists families to
make informed choices.            Advocacy and Education DOMAIN
ACT – Autism Community Training provides friendly, practical support and
information to BC families and community professionals, supporting children
with Autism Spectrum Disorder, based on international best practices.                Advocacy and Education DOMAIN
Advocate for Quality Services – this person helps adults with developmental
disabilities and transitioning youth with special needs and their families have
access to supports and services that are available. The advocate can help if you have
problems with services from CLBC, MCFD, other ministries or from service agencies
in the community.       Advocacy and Education DOMAIN

As a person with a disability, if you need support to complete your taxes, Tax Trained volunteers are available to help you at 1-800-959-8281 or contact your local Revenue Canada Office.

Legal and Financial DOMAIN

BC Ferries Pass allows 50% off the fare on any BC Ferry. Applications available at                              Travel Discount Programs DOMAIN

The BC Bus Pass Program offers a reduced cost, annual bus pass for low income
seniors and clients receiving disability assistance from the Province of British
Columbia. Passes are valid in communities serviced by BC Transit or TransLink. The
pass is only valid for the eligible rider and is non-transferable. Handy Dart is not
included in this program.  Travel Discount Programs DOMAIN
The Working Income Tax Benefit is for low income people and families with over
$3000.00 of employment earnings in one year.                        Legal and Financial DOMAIN

Motor Vehicle Tax Rebate may be available to people with disabilities who
qualify. Find the application at

Legal and Financial DOMAIN

BC Coalition of People with Disabilities provides information and support 1-800-
663-1278. Their mission is to support people, regardless of their disability, to live
with dignity, independence and as equal and full participants in society.               Advocacy and Education DOMAIN

Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Assistance – The Government of British Columbia
has recently redesigned B.C.’s income assistance programs. The new system, while
focusing on employment for those clients who are able to work, ensures that
assistance is there for persons with disabilities.        Legal and Financial DOMAIN

BC Parks Disabled Access Program: free camping in BC Provincial Parks Phone: 250-
387-1161                       Leisure DOMAIN

BC Blind Sports offers opportunities for members to participate in community
activities, recreation programs and competitive sport programs.    Leisure DOMAIN

HealthLinkBC Dietitian website: These healthy eating resources can help you meet
nutrition recommendations for any age and stage of life, whether you are trying
to plan meals for home and at work, are feeding your family, or trying to make
lifestyle choices to reduce the risk of chronic disease.           Health DOMAIN