PATH Facilitator Training

“Transition Coordinator” and “PATH Facilitator” Training!!!

The role of “Transition Coordinator” is both challenging and rewarding as it can be one of the most important roles in helping a team, and a Teen to succeed. Transition Coordinators play the part of team leader, case manager, planner, organizer, and guide to building and supporting a great Transition Team for each teen. Transition Coordinators often commit to 1, 2, or even 3 years of giving monthly support to a Teen’s Team. Please click here to learn more about Transition Coordinators in your local community and how to incorporate them into your school’s or home transition plan.

PATH is a creative planning tool which inspires collaboration and unites all participants in a visioning and planning process.  A “PATH Facilitator” is a person specifically trained to support families through this process in a way that will generate clarity, conviction, and direction for the journey ahead. Being a PATH Facilitator requires a commitment of approximately 5 hours per teen, at a minimum. Often, PATH Facilitators are School Teachers, Social Workers, Service Agency Staff, or other adults NOT related to the teen and his or her family.

Our comprehensive PATH FACILITATOR TRAINING course offers a 2-day training to people wishing to become “PATH Facilitators” by integrating PATH into the Teen Transition Planning system. All participants learn how to use this powerful
combination of tools for use in supporting teens and their families through this challenging stage of life.

Click HERE to view registration information for upcoming PATH FACILITATOR TRAININGS near you!

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