Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation and Networking

For some parents, facing the task of planning for their child’s future can be overwhelming. Many people have no idea where to begin, some have been avoiding it for years, and most have inaccurate ideas about what’s involved. All are scared. Some parents say they wish they had a leader or guide, or a “road map” to help them begin their journey.

The 3 hour Parent Orientation provides a essential introduction to all parents who need to know how to begin, and what their journey will look like. It will encourage some people to share their struggles with other parents, helping to unite all participants in our common experience. It will help many parents find the courage and focus to start the work that they have been avoiding. It will help all parents to learn how to take charge of their family’s future!

The goals of the Parent Orientation are to:
• Introduce philosophy of Person Centred Planning and the PATH planning tool;
• Identify the steps to Transition Planning;
• Identify the roles and responsibilities of team members;
• Learn about how to use the Teen Transition Planning Guide;
• Acknowledge some of the emotional barriers and struggles parents face; and
• Provide parents with an opportunity to link with other parents who are beginning this journey.

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