Welcome to Teen Transition Planning!

This is your first step towards bridging your teen with special needs between high school and adult life! Teen Transition Planning was established to provide a comprehensive training and support mechanism for families and professionals to develop a person centered plan for the teen with special needs using the PATH process.

Historically, teens with special needs and their families have struggled to enlist support and enrol professionals to develop a comprehensive, transition plan that insures that the teen with special needs is empowered to determine their own futures, and to learn the skills necessary to make their dreams become reality. The purpose of Teen Transition Planning is to address these deficits by providing a comprehensive planning tool, a group-based process, as well as the supports needed to facilitate the process of the teen’s transition to adulthood.

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Transition Coordinator Training: Intensive training workshops for professionals and parents who want to become the lead support or “Case Manager” for the Teen Transition Planning process.
PATH Facilitator Training
PATH Facilitator Training: Intensive training workshops that teach parents and professionals how to facilitate a PATH, as the primary planning tool used in Teen Transition Planning.
Parent Orientation and Networking Groups
Parent Orientation and Networking Groups: Parent Orientation events inform and empower parents to support their teen through the Teen Transition Planning process, while helping parents to network with other parents going through the same process.
HUB of Resources
HUB of Resources: The Teen Transition Planning website links community partners, Transition Coordinators, PATH facilitators, parents, and organizations that are ALL working together to support teens through the transition process. Find resources, ask questions, and come together to support and celebrate!
Collaboration and Community Awareness: The Teen Transition Planning helps to build “transition aware” communities, where all information sources, service providers, resources, and family support systems WORK TOGETHER towards a common vision… making it EASIER for families to get the services and support they need.
Community Transition Committees: Many communities throughout BC have “Transition Committees” made up of the local experts for their community. The Teen Transition Planning system works WITH local committees to build and strengthen their presence, and to help unify their vision while increasing community capacity to support families through the Teen Transition Planning process.