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Happy Teens with Planned Futures

Teen Transition Planning is rolling out in Victoria. Today was an exciting day as the program was introduced to our potential community partners, and Victoria is well on its way to becoming a “transition ready” community. The key to a successful transition process is the ability of organizations to collaborate, each bringing their piece of expertise to the individual teams which support each youth with special needs and his/her family.

Historically, families have struggled to navigate “the system” and gain the information needed to support their child. Moreover, often the information focuses on “the system’s” capacity and waitlists for services rather than the dreams and hopes of the youth and their family. Teen Transition Planning grew out of a need expressed by families to help them through this complex process while maintaining the youth as the focal person and truly hearing their vision for the future.

Victoria’s community partners, representing employment support, CLBC, Community Living, School Districts, health, parents and university supports came together today to discuss transition planning. The synergy in the room was amazing! The first steps toward bringing Teen Transition Planning to Victoria are well on their way. Let’s not lose momentum! I encourage organizations to discuss their capacity to provide supports and then to link to this program – get involved! I encourage families to get involved with their schools, local transition committees and parent groups and to link to this program. We welcome ideas to improve the transition experience for families in our community, please join us online at the HUB and join us for future training and transition events because great tomorrows begin today!

Elizabeth Sparling, M.Ed., BCBA
Clinical Director & Board Certified Behaviour Analyst,
Pivot Point Family Growth Centre Inc.
Ph: 250-508-9188
Our Mission: “To help create the turning point in people’s lives that will give inspiration and focus to personal growth and success!”

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