Transition Committees are essential to building “Transition ready” communities.  These committees are formed when small groups of individuals from different organizations and different sectors within social services unite forces.  The aim of most committees is to try to create a SOLUTION to the large number of unmet needs surrounding the highly complex Transition Planning process.  Most committee members tell stories of frustration and heartbreak over all of the teens and families who feel lost in the process, and for whom Transition Planning has not been successful… and this is why they wanted to join the committee.

It is precisely this passion and commitment to families that makes Transition Committees so important!  Through their realization that no one person or agency can meet the need, committee members reach out, collaborate with each other, share resources, organize information fairs and information nights.  They plan and host parent orientation events to create hope and unity amongst families in their community.  They arrange for their fellow professionals to become better trained in the tools of Transition Planning.  And they lead ever more families back to the foundation… their network and system of support that effectively informs and sustains teens and families through their planning and transitional journey.

“Committees build systems that sustain community members”

The Teen Transition Planning System is ready to fully integrate with YOUR local community committee; we’re ready to help BUILD a community that is truly “transition ready”!!!!

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